Friday, November 27, 2015

US Think Tanks -- Neocons and Israel

Everywhere I turn I come across neocon mutual backslappers dressed up in their think tank camouflage. It's as if I've stumbled upon some hillbilly, back woods militia, all of them with disturbing signs of inbreeding and a lust for war and killing Muslims in the name of Israel.

Follow the links. See who is setting and running US foreign policy.


Alliance for a Strong America

The Alliance for a Strong America is a hawkish advocacy group founded by Dick and Liz Cheney.

The American Center for Democracy is a neoconservative-linked nonprofit that claims to be “exposing and monitoring threats to the national security of the U.S. and Western democracies.”

The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus is an alliance of neoconservatives, liberal hawks, and peace activists working toward greater autonomy in the Caucasus, primarily with an eye to weakening Russia for U.S. strategic benefit. 

The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus is an alliance of neoconservatives, liberal hawks, and peace activists working toward greater autonomy in the Caucasus, primarily with an eye to weakening Russia for U.S. strategic benefit. 

The American Conservative Union is a “grassroots” lobbying organization that organizes the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The Washington-based American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research has been a leading member of the neoconservative advocacy community for several decades, hosting a bevy of Iraq War architects and former Bush administration officials.

From its support for Salvadoran death squads to its enthusiasm for sanctions on Iran and an aggressive “war on terror,” the American Foreign Policy Council has pushed a hawkish agenda on foreign affairs since its founding in 1982.

The American Islamic Congress (AIC) is a controversial Muslim advocacy organization with ties to right-wing and anti-Islamic groups. 

The American Islamic Forum for Democracy is a right-wing advocacy group with strong ties to anti-Islamic groups in the United States.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), one of the more effective U.S. lobbying outfits, aims to ensure that the United States backs Israel regardless of the policies Israel pursues.

Once described as the “heart and soul of the military-industrial complex,” the American Security Council was an influential old-guard conservative group during the early Cold War that latter served as a key institutional vehicle for anti-détente militarism.

The American Security Initiative is a hawkish group that has created alarmist ads about the alleged nuclear threat of Iran.

The American Turkish Council is an influential beltway organization chaired by former Bush Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage that serves as a conduit for U.S.-Turkish relations despite being marred by scandals involving bribery of government officials. 

About . Founded in 2001 by then-Bradley Foundation head Michael Joyce at the behest of Karl Rove, George W. Bush's personal adviser, Americans for Community and Faith-Centered Enterprise... 

Americans for Peace and Tolerance is a Boston-based advocacy group founded by "pro-Israel" and anti-Islamic activist Charles Jacobs.

Founded shortly after 9/11, the Claremont Institute-based Americans for Victory over Terrorism champions “victory” in the “war on terrorism,” in part by promoting “research about Islam and Islamism” and “attacking those who would blame America first.”

The Israel-based Ariel Center for Policy Research is a right-wing advocacy and research institute founded in 1997 that espouses a militant ideology and is associated with conservative “pro-Israel” advocacy groups in the United States.

An academic center of the American conservative movement, the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs has been a vigorous defender of the war on terrorism and an unequivocal supporter for Israel

This now defunct speakers bureau and PR firm played an important role promoting neoconservative voices in the U.S. media after 9/11.

Benador Public Relations is the successor company to Benador Associates, a PR firm that played a key role promoting major neoconservative figures during the first George W. Bush administration.

The Bipartisan Coalition for American Security is a nonprofit advocacy group founded to promote American “global leadership,” a robust U.S. defense budget, and an active and interventionist U.S. foreign policy. 

The ostensibly centrist Bipartisan Policy Center has played an important role in shifting Beltway rhetoric on Iran to the hawkish right.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation is a grant-making foundation that has been called "the country's largest and most influential right-wing organization.”

The Castle Rock Foundation was a major supporter of the Heritage Foundation and other right-wing institutions and causes.

A go-to security policy think tank for the Obama administration, the Center for a New American Security’s staff includes a host counterinsurgency enthusiasts, some of whom have supported neoconservative-led policy campaigns. 

The Center for American Freedom, a neoconservative advocacy group, publishes the Washington Free Beacon, a “combat journalism” outlet designed to counter the supposedly liberal media elite.

The Center for Security Policy, a prominent member of the neoconservative advocacy community led by Frank Gaffney, has promoted extravagant weapons programs and an expansive “war on terror.”

Christians United for Israel, a Christian Zionist organization that promotes the idea that Christians “have a biblical obligation to defend Israel,” supports Israeli settlements, opposes a two-state solution, and pushes militarist U.S. policies in the Middle East

Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran is an AIPAC-backed lobby group founded in 2015 to pressure members of Congress to oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

A bastion of conservative scholarship and advocacy, the Claremont Institute hosts a number of programs that push hawkish foreign policies.

A controversial activist group closely connected to anti-Islamic and “pro-Israel” political factions, the Clarion Project has released films and publications that attack “Radical Islam” and call into question the trustworthiness of Muslims.

Founded by AIPAC heavyweight Morris Amitay, the Coalition for Democracy in Iran is a defunct pressure group that helped push anti-Iran resolutions through Congress.

The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq was a short-lived yet influential group that strongly promoted the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

The Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) is a neoconservative Cold War-era pressure group the was re-launched in 2004 to focus on the “war on terror.”

Concerned Women for America is a right-wing Christian advocacy group that pushes conservative viewpoints on social, economic, and foreign policy issues.

The Council for a Community of Democracies, a U.S-based NGO dedicated to advancing the positions of the intergovernmental organization Community of Democracies, touts U.S. exceptionalism while urging international cooperation in toppling undemocratic regimes.

Members of the Reagan-era Council for National Policy continue to help shape the U.S. political landscape even as the rightwing group maintains a cloak of secrecy over its activities and membership rolls.

CUFI Action Fund is the lobbying arm of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), a leading right-wing Christian Zionist advocacy organization.

When its tax-exempt status got in the way of aggressive lobbying, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies created a new organization called Defense of Democracies, whose first project was a controversial ad campaign that raised concerns about partisanship.

The Democratic Leadership Council, which closed shop in 2011, was at the forefront of efforts to push the Democratic Party to adopt more conservative domestic policies and remain supportive of hawkish, Israel-centric Mideast policies.

The Earhart Foundation is a conservative grant-making foundation that appears to shun publicity.

The Emergency Committee for Israel is a U.S.-based pressure group aligned with the Israeli right wing that has pushed the United States to attack Iran and smeared critics of hawkish Israeli policies.

The now-defunct Empower America, a right-wing pressure group founded by former Education Secretary William Bennett in 1993, was the predecessor to the Tea Party-aligned FreedomWorks.

An “unabashedly pro-Israel and pro-American think tank,” EMET promotes the work of “pro-Israel” hawks in Washington, stokes fear of Islam and Muslims, and advocates a militarist U.S. posture toward the Middle East.

The post-Senate perch of Rick Santorum, EPPC sits at the crossroads of faith-based politics and hawkish neoconservativism.

Under a banner of tolerance and diversity, EFD works to promote hawkish security policies in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Affiliated with Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, Family Security Matters offers hawkish, anti-Islamic rhetoric under the guise of “empowering” Americans and protecting families.

The Federalist Society, initially designed as a conservative alternative to the National Lawyers Guild, has blossomed into a powerful and influential group whose agenda includes promoting hardline anti-terror policies.

The Foreign Policy Initiative, founded in 2009 by a host of neoconservative figures, is a leading advocate for a militaristic and Israel-centric U.S. foreign policies.

The Foreign Policy Research Institute is a conservative foreign policy think tank based in Philadelphia.

The Forgotten American Coalition was a short-lived letterhead group founded in 2007 to rally religious conservatives against U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

A “non-partisan” policy institute that purports to defend democracies from “militant Islamism,” the neoconservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is an influential base of hawkish advocacy on Middle East policy.

The Foundation for Democracy in Iran, whose president has alleged that Iran was involved in the 9/11 attacks, frequently attackes Iranian-Americans who don’t share its hawkish views about the Islamic Republic.

Although no longer as closely associated with neoconservative activism as it was during much of the last few decades, Freedom House continues to support campaigns aligned with hawkish factions in U.S. politics.

Freedom Watch, a pressure group led by right-wing activist Larry Klayman, promotes a hodgepodge of conservative foreign and domestic polices, claiming to be “the only political advocacy group that speaks through actions, rather than just words.”

Freedom’s Watch was a pro-Iraq War advocacy group supported by prominent Republican Party donors that worked to counter flagging public support for the “war on terror.”

FreedomWorks is one of several establishment Republican Party groups that have endeavored to claim the mantle of the Tea Party.

The Friends of Israel Initiative is a “pro-Israel” advocacy organization founded and chaired by former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar.

The brainchild of Sears-Roebuck heiress Nina Rosenwald, the Gatestone Institute is a New York-based advocacy organization that is tied to neoconservative and other right-wing networks in the United States and Europe.

Global Governance Watch is an organization affiliated with influential right-wing groups that monitors international organizations.

Global Governance Watch is an organization affiliated with influential right-wing groups that monitors international organizations.

Grace Park Media has produced a number of rightist TV shows and documentaries, including a documentary on the history of neoconservatism written by a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and James Glassman’s Ideas in Action.

Groundswell is an informal alliance of conservative activists, journalists, and policymakers seeking to coordinate right-wing messaging across a host of issues.

A bastion of trans-Atlantic neoconservatism and Islamophobia, the UK-based Henry Jackson Society promotes “regime change” in Iran and hardline "pro-Israel" policies in the Middle East.

The Heritage Foundation, a mainstay of the right-wing advocacy community, has long pressured the United States to adopt militaristic U.S. foreign policies

High Frontier, a pressure group pushing for “Star Wars” missile defense systems, has deep connections to defense contractors, government officials, and prominent neoconservatives.

The Stanford University-based Hoover Institution has served for decades as an outside-the-beltway home for Republican Party apparatchiks and as an important source of militarist policy proposals.

The Hudson Institute, part of a closely-knit group of neoconservative policy institutes, that champions aggressive and Israel-centric U.S. foreign policies.

Ideas in Action is a rightist TV program co-produced by the George W. Bush Institute and Grace Creek Media that often features prominent neoconservatives opining on U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

The right-wing Independent Women’s Forum has a history of opposing virtually every “women’s rights” initiative since its founding in the early 1990s.

The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies is an enigmatic Israel-based organization with deep ties to U.S. neoconservatives that is notorious for publishing tirades about Islam’s purported take over of the West.

The Institute for the Study of War is a D.C.-based counterinsurgency think tank that has supported long-term U.S. military intervention in the Greater Middle East, especially Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Institute of World Politics is a Washington, D.C.-based graduate school closely tied to right-wing networks in the United States.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy, a conservative Christian advocacy group with roots in Cold War neoconservative advocacy, fashions itself as "a watchdog of the religious and evangelical left."

The Institute on Religion and Public life publishes First Things magazine, a journal of contemporary religious right thought.

The International Assessment and Strategy Center (IASC) is a rightist think tank that purports to focus on “medium and long-term security issues and their impact on the security of the United States and her key interests and allies.”

The International Intelligence Summit is a forum for intelligence and military experts who advocate new tactics in the “war on terror.”

Along with its Democratic-aligned counterpart, the taxpayer-funded International Republican Institute has often been accused of subverting democracy abroad while claiming to foster it.

The Iran Policy Committee is a largely defunct organization that has pushed for a policy of regime change in Iran and has supported the controversial Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) group.

In March 2011, with the United States engaged in several military conflicts across the Greater Middle East, Freedom House and the Progressive Policy Institute created the Iran Strategy Task Force to lobby the Obama administration to aggressively pursue regime change in Iran.

The Jamestown Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that monitors security trends from Eurasia to Africa, has been dogged by allegations that it secretly works with the CIA and allied governments.

The Jerusalem Summit is an Israel-based advocacy outfit that has brought together Evangelical Christians, neoconservatives, and hardline pro-Israel figures from across the globe in an effort to shape the debate over the status of Palestine.

A prominent member of the right-wing “pro-Israel” establishment, JINSA claims to be "the most influential group on the issue of U.S.-Israel military relations."

The John Hay Initiative is a neoconservative-dominated group that has helped shape the foreign policy discussion of the 2016 Republican presidential race.

The John M. Olin Foundation, which shuddered in 2005, was a major conservative grant-making foundation that aided the rise of the modern conservative movement.

This new rightwing pressure group—led by Liz Cheney and William Kristol—is circulating a petition pushing to keep “Gitmo” open, claiming it is a “safe, secure, and humane” way to keep “terrorists” locked up.

One of a string of astrotruf groups launched by neoconservatives and Christian Right figures, Keep Israel Safe produced several webvideos that mischaracterize the Obama administration’s policies on Israel and Iran.

The Lexington Institute, which has been called “the defense industry's pay-to-play ad agency,” is notorious for accepting large donations from military contractors to publish studies advocating military spending programs.

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research is an influential conservative think tank based in New York.

Founded by Daniel Pipes, the Middle East Forum is a controversial Philadelphia-based policy institute that is notorious for its extremist rhetoric about Islam and Middle East politics.

The “nonpartisan” MEMRI, which has received funding from the U.S. State Department and dozens of U.S.-based foundations, has drawn fire for its ties to neoconservative and anti-Islamic organizations, as well as for producing selective and at times inaccurate translations of Middle Eastern sources.

Missouri State University’s Department of Defense and Strategic Studies is a stronghold of rightist foreign policy scholars.

Though billing itself as a nonpartisan organization to “support the troops,” Move America Forward pursues a hawkish agenda aimed at increasing U.S. military intervention abroad.

The taxpayer-funded National Endowment for Democracy has often been accused of profoundly anti-democratic behavior.

This Cold War era think tank has found new reasons for promoting extravagant U.S. defenses, including to defend against “terrorist-supporting” states like Iran.

The National Interest is a realist-leaning foreign policy magazine founded by Irving Kristol and later taken over by the Nixon Center.

In a new report, the National Strategy Information Center, which has been promoting militarist U.S. foreign policies since the 1960s, hypes the notion that the world is on the verge of chaos and that shadowy forces are engaged in an existential battle “against the West.”

Founded to help ensure Europe’s allegiance to U.S. policies, the now-defunct New Atlantic Initiative was aimed in part at preventing the emergence of a European strategic rival to the United States.

Under the guise of seeking accountability and transparency, the neoconservative-linked NGO Monitor launches partisan-minded assaults against NGOs who criticize the Israeli government.

NORPAC is a New Jersey-based political action committee that supports legislators who favor hardline "pro-Israel" policies.

One Jerusalem is a right-wing advocacy group that opposes any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement that cedes part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

The People’s Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK, is a militant organization that advocates the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Philanthropy Roundtable is a research and advocacy group that helps right-wing donors funnel money to a number of different philanthropic and political causes.

The Philos project is a Christian advocacy organization that promotes hawkish U.S. policies towards the Middle East.

The Progressive Policy Institute, the think tank of the now-defunct Democratic Leadership Council, promotes a hawkish line on foreign policy, including getting tough with Iran.

The defunct Project for the New American Century, a key promoter of the decision to invade Iraq, was at one time regarded as the foremost purveyor of neoconservative thinking on foreign affairs.

The Project on Transitional Democracies, a successor group to the U.S. Committee on NATO, promotes reforms in post-Soviet states and has pressed a get-tough line on Russia.

Réalité-EU is a hawkish policy outfit that promotes aggressive European policies toward Iran and other “threats” in the Middle East.

The right-wing Republican Jewish Coalition is a central component of the Republican Party’s outreach to Jewish voters and a reliable promoter of militarist U.S. policies in the Middle East.

The Scaife Foundations are a collection of conservative foundations that have helped bankroll the modern American conservative movement.

Secure America Now (SAN) is a right-wing advocacy group founded in 2011 by pollsters John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell.

The Smith Richardson Foundation is often associated with a passel of foundations that buttress the American Right.

The Society of Americans for National Existence is an anti-Muslim advocacy group that has spearheaded efforts to get U.S. states to pass laws criminalizing sharia law.

The now-defunct internet magazine Tech Central Station served as a platform for advocates of militarist U.S. foreign policies, and is now published as TCSDaily on the website of the conservative TV program, Ideas in Action.

The Israel Project is a “pro-Israel,” neoconservative-leaning advocacy group that boasts a bipartisan cast of congressional “advisers.”

This Brussels-based organization, founded by the American Jewish Committee, has served as an outlet for neoconservative advocacy in Europe.

The U.S. Committee for a Free Lebanon (USCFL) is a neoconservative-aligned advocacy group that for years advocated aggressive U.S. policies towards Lebanon and Syria.

Founded to push for the expansion of NATO after the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Committee on NATO was a neoconservative-led initiative closely tied to key Republican Party figures.

The “nonpartisan” UN Watch, which devotes most of its energy to lambasting UN criticism of Israel, has counted on the financial support of the American Jewish Committee, the Becker Foundation, and a handful of other private donors in recent years.

United against Nuclear Iran is a pressure group that attacks companies doing business in Iran and disseminates alarmist reports about the country's nuclear program.

The Washington Free Beacon is a news site published by the right-wing Center for American Freedom.

An offshoot of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the influential Washington Institute for Near East Policy has been a hawkish centerpiece of the “Israel Lobby” for decades.

The Weekly Standard is the flagship journal of neoconservative opinion and activism.

Established in Baltimore in 1897, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is the oldest Zionist organization in the United States—and also among the most aggressively anti-Arab ones.